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If you are someone..
please don't spam my creepypasta artworks or even my original characters with commits like 

commit :omg i can be their friend!

commit :omfg senpai! I love him so much! I want to be his friend/girlfriend/boyfriend ((add heart emoji/icon or something horny looking icon))

((btw I'm not against OCxCanon ships, if you want to ship all OCsxcanons go ahead i don't care.... but i am against, Canon the real person behind the key-bored. or Canon x underage OC... like that's really gross man...just, fuck off if you do those disturbing ships.))

commit: ass ;)  ((i won't even respond at this im not even friends with you... go away....))

((its even more annoying if you are underage like seriously you are way to young for this shit....go away you're annoying me please be an annoying 11-13 year old somewhere else.... this is really getting quite disturbing so leave, you don't sound cute you just sound like some stalker who doesn't have anything else to do in's another thing......if you are like 12 you shouldn't be looking up creepypasta its like.....most of it is like R rated content tbh.))

now all what im saying is........WILL YOU PLEASE STOP bothering me and leave! because there is too many annoying young people in the commit section on some of my drawings and its really pissing me off....I am 18 years old I feel weird/creeped out by talking to you 12 year old weeaboos and shit. like seriously I would totally rather have people closer to my age in the commit section so I can reply without being creeped out.........

now if you are some preteen who is still planning on bothering me just remember I won't be shy on blocking you.


PS: I don't care if I hurt your feelings by this post but I just needed to let ya'll know that some of you are really immature and annoying.
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Things I said that I would do this summer: getting a job, hanging out with friends, having fun.

Things I really did this summer: stayed at home, got really, really depressed, hung out with none of my friends, and cried a lot...... :/
me while nameing my OC

Me: Lucy is too old fashioned....and boring...hum

*about three hours later*

Me: hummm ooohhh i know! i'll name her Melanie.

Me: oh wait...that's my name...

Me: whatever I'm naming her Melanie and she is going to be awesome

*three years later.*

Me: yeah my OC's name is Melanie but most call her Mel.

Friend: lol you're weird go away......
my favorite summer activity is staying inside and eating ice-cream 
why the heck are you people adding my old drawings to favorites?
this is getting embarrassing you know...
when I get my diploma at school I bet it will say this. 

Diploma:~congratulations Melanie, you suck at everything~


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lol. I don't care about a lot of things.

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