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Mel........some more facts about her. by melaniedragon
Mel........some more facts about her.
that's's just my oc chilling....
and some more facts about her i guess

She hates worms ((earthworms)) because when she was 10 some bullies pinned her down and shoved earthworms down her she's still afraid of them.... and traumatized by them.

She is actually a very nice person, sure she can get angry pretty easy but she is friendly once you get to know her.

She gets distracted easily

She has a short temper and will yell at you and even hit you if you offend her

She have killed people before and wont be afraid to do it again. ((she'll kill you if she's in a life treating situation or for self defense really))

She love's cats...once she sees one she has to pet it....she likes dogs too but mostly cats,

She can and will eat three large pizzas with ease when hungry.

if you tickle her anywhere she will fall to the ground and burst into laughter. while squirming around. ((very ticklish and all))

if she really loves you ((as a friend or romantic relationship)) she will go to the extremes to make someone else happy, including risking her life.

She is emotional sometimes and if she cries she'll cry ether for a hour to a whole day, it matters the situation....this won't happen often she often hides her emotions

She hates children and doesn't want them near to her she will throw her shoe at misbehaved children. ((i mentioned this before))

she's a good fighter by nature.

She's a feminist do not tell her that she is weak because she's a girl.....((people did this before it pisses me and her off....))

She's not rude she's doesn't care what or who you are, she's just happy that you're a buttcake.
Mel as a little kid/the runt :D by melaniedragon
Mel as a little kid/the runt :D
when my OC Mel was little she was bullied because she was short, so they called her "The Runt, or just Runt"
anyways she is about 9 or 10 years old in this picture.
People you should all know there is rules with RPs okay?

STOP GOD MODELING!!! ((making your OC/character so unstoppable that it's pathetic and rude)) JUST STOP IT! it gets so annoying that makes me want to throw my computer out of my window.

2. surprise smut...((kind of adding unwanted smut everywhere ((this mostly pisses me off if our characters just met, dude they are not desperate)) *ew no...keep your nasty hands to yourself thank you....*))

"dude....ew no thanks i'm not smutting with you go away....or i'll unfollow you...and make your OC feel so sad that he/she/other will never talk to a girl/guy/other, again..."

3. stupid impatient people who reminds me to reply every 5 seconds, "dude, no don't do that or i'll get BEN drowned to attack your computer and TV." ((when i started RPs i did this and i now know why people hate it so don't do it.))

4. ponies, seriously? my muses/OCs/not my OC but an awesome creepypasta dude....  are all humans/humanish now get your dumbass ponies away from my badass awesome characters.

5. stupid ideas for ships example ((dumb person:I'm going to ship my shitty character with your perfectly fine OC and make 111,00,001,010,101 babies with them
Me:dude wtf? don't do that))


7: a sexist pee pee nose who thinks their male charterers are soooo much more cooler and more strong and powerful than mine because about 99% of my characters are female. ((just to let you know my OC Mel can slice you damn character in pieces if she wanted to so please if you're going to brush her or any other of my characters off because they are female.....i will make them kill your characters and transform you little ship into a bloodbath between our OCs.....)) ((and yes i said pee pee nose....))

8. ((DON'T POST STARTERS THAT ARE HORRIBLE! ((by horrible i mean almost the point to abuse ((dude this is not cool)) .... ((example: you wake up in a prison cell, wearing nothing but a speedo and a coconut bra also tied up and ready for a overly buff and somewhat not really attractive man to touch your face with his seductive hands. ((eew no.. nope nope this is nasty keep your hands to yourself...go away wtf is wrong with you?))

9. making your characters sooooo slutty its annoying and yes this goes to some male characters, ((okay sometimes it's okay to have that one character who will hit on people....DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN HARASS MY CHARACTERS IN HORRID WAYS AGAINST MY MUSES WILL! ((what the hell is wrong with you?! no means no you dumbass)) IF YOU DO TOUCHY THINGS WITH THEM LIKE THAT, YOUR CHARACTER WILL DIE OR GET ATTACKED BY A ANGRY IMMORTAL OR A DRAGON OR JEFF THE KILLER OR MY MUSE MEL, YOUR OCs WILL GET BEATEN AND PROBABLY KILLED.... END OF THIS STORY GOODBYE!!!))

sorry if i sound mean but seriously it gets annoying guys....
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