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Okay okay so i been doing a lot of RPs and shit and 
so my OC (Mel) is the type that is really protective of herself
now some assholes told me that they hate her because of that
now i am going to give you a clarification about my OC's attitude and why she is like that. okay sweetie? 

now first thing she seems mean at first but she is actually really sweet once you know her yes that does mean she might insult your character of threaten them sometimes and shit. but here's the thing, the reason she is insulting your character is because she got angry or her feelings hurt even. now here are things that will make my muse(OC) be mean to her

1: yelling at her, if your character yells at her my OC can and will have a terrible reaction sometimes its a small one like ignoring the person or covering her ears, but if she has a really bad reaction its more like her reacting like these examples: screaming, crying,(or more like sobbing if its bad enough) or hitting, punching, biting, insults, or just panicking. if this happens its not my characters fault she is sensitive about this.

2: if you're some perv. Now here's the thing, if your oc/muse is trying to flirt and saying appropriate complements that's okay. but if its something like this "hey girl, you have a fine ass..." or anything about sex or something nasty do not be surprised to get slapped across the face or something, my character will only hit yours if you disrespect her.

3: any assault or anything that might harm her. she can and will attack your character without a second thought remember this (she killed before she isn't scared to do it again)

4: if she's trying to talk to you and someone cuts in like a rude pig, then please don't be surprised with her scolding your character she likes respect and she will get the respect. 

5: If your character says they love mine and cheats on them a bit later....she will kick his ass....and he will walk with a limp for a long ass time. 

6: pointing out why she's a terrible person. She is already aware about her mistakes, so if you rub it in she will have a good reason to attack your muse im sorry but she hates it when people do this.

7: if you call her fat "okay okay she's chubby, but! she has the thighs of a Greek god so please leave her be. she also doesn't take shit from anyone so she probably find something that will hurt your characters feelings and she'll use that against your muse.

8: If our characters are in a relationship....Do not try to make her give them children.....(she hates those things"in a previous rant i did mention she threw her shoe at some random that's self-explanatory) but anyways if your muse keeps bugging her about that she will break up with him and try her best to hurt his feelings.....idk she can be a bitch so sorry.

9: she has trust issues, that's a huge reason she is like this. well not for #8 she just hates kids.
but the reason she is really over reactive over things is she's afraid that someone will beat her up or kill her or something. It really takes a while for Mel to actually trust your muse/character that's why she can be mean. BUT when she does trust your character she will be the most kind and loyal person you'll ever know of once she's really a friend she'll be extremely kind and loving toward your character.
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hey guess what....
my OC Reena might be cute and sweet...but she is able to kill people if needed...

she is the angle of death after all.....UwU
me while nameing my OC

Me: Lucy is too old fashioned....and boring...hum

*about three hours later*

Me: hummm ooohhh i know! i'll name her Melanie.

Me: oh wait...that's my name...

Me: whatever I'm naming her Melanie and she is going to be awesome

*three years later.*

Me: yeah my OC's name is Melanie but most call her Mel.

Friend: lol you're weird go away......
my favorite summer activity is staying inside and eating ice-cream 
why the heck are you people adding my old drawings to favorites?
this is getting embarrassing you know...
when I get my diploma at school I bet it will say this. 

Diploma:~congratulations Melanie, you suck at everything~


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lol. I don't care about a lot of things.

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